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Saturday, June 22, 2002

Pacman is a remake of the very famous arcade game

Pacman is a remake of the very famous arcade game with nice set of mazes by me. Our hero PacMan lived happily in his beautiful PacCity friends. One day venturing in the forbidden forest he went in Caves of Mystery..... from which no one had returned till now. To his
surprise, he found sweet grains on the ground. He ate all but in the end he found himself in the series of mazes. Each maze is locked and opens only when all the grains are eaten by PacMan
and he must not come in contact of any Monster. The Monsters are not harmful if you have the star. Four stars are located on each maze. So, now your task is to drive the PacMan through all the mazes without coming in contact with a Monster. I create this game in VB when I was in 8th standard. Thanks to Animesh Mishra for testing this game after it was completed.
Size : 295 KB | Created on : 20th june, 2002 |

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