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Sunday, December 30, 2001

Car Crush II is a thrilling high speed 2-D driving

Car Crush II is a thrilling high speed 2-D driving
This game has got new concepts and ideas. Again made in QBASIC and DirectQB. You have to drive through an extremely challenging track and play well enough to achieve a high score. Enemy cars in the game are extremely dangerous. They will try to slam into your car and inflict serious damages, so be a bit careful. Your driving skill determines how long and how far you travel. The damage meter on upper right portion of the screen shows how safe you are driving. A hit with the edges of the track or the sides of the enemy cars will cause some damage, whereas running into any car with the bonnet will completely 'Crush' your car.
So be prepared to take the challenge . . .
The game was created by me and my brother Animesh Mishra when I was in 7th standard and he was in 9th.
Note: Since I created this game when Windows XP/NT products were not popular among home users, the game may not work on few PCs. I works well on some windows 98 PCs only. At least it has worked on my friend's PC!
Size : 1.12 MB | Created on : 25th december, 2001 |
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