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Monday, January 12, 2004

TelSpire - Solution for Telepresence - INTRO

Boo hoo :( This is a very nice presentation on an idea on telepresence made by me for a contest called Venture Labs for Exun 2004 at DPS RKP. I feel sad to say that we were too late and we didn't win. But hey!! :) overall i feel its a nice presentation from presentation point of view. I tried some new Swish skills in it. Amazingly i have made it within 6 hrs. You must know that a presentation like this at least takes 6 hrs as its not as simple as PowerPoint.
Anyways I created this on 29th October 2004.
Just Click on it to view it. You need the latest flash plugin if there is some problem.
Size : 749 KB
Created on: 29th October, 2004
>>Click here to view it<<

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