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Saturday, June 02, 2007

VB Games, SudoSol and QuizMaster

SudoSol - The Sudoku Solver
All right, this is yet another program to solve your Sudokus . Interesting point is, that it can't solve all sudokus. But if you take 10 sudokus to test it, it will most probably solve 6-7 of them completely. Don't let yourself down, if it can't solve, it can always take you near the solution!
All coding is in VisualBasic, and is based on elimination of similarities along rows, columns and inside the 3x3 boxes.

Coming up next is the
QuizMaster 1.0
Now, this is pretty simple implementation of Visual Basic and the Oracle dbms. So the key areas this program deals with is User Interface for interaction to the database, and, application of a dbms in education. Nothing much to say about it. All it offers is -
To create quizzes, to modify quizzes, to set negative and positive scoring scheme, to add comments to a quiz-bank, to store performance records of user and...

So, thats all for my class 12th projects in Informatics Practices.
(psst - I know its stupid to call these bunch of crap apps - VB GAMES, pacman that i created 3.5 years ago is much more suitable for such title!)

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