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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In love with OSX looks

After putting this midnightblue template for my blog, I've been obsessed with the looks & feels of Mac OSX Leopard. Checkout my desktop -

And all that is for free. Here's how to get the feel on your desktop/notebook
  1. Get FlyakiteOSX, its is a cool freeware to transform your windows XP look to resemble the look of Mac OS X. I got version 3.5. It will basically alter the icons, looks etc.
  2. Install RocketDock. Its free and great. You can also use RKLauncher or RKDock but, RocketDock is much better.
  3. Now for the appearance of your windows, get a patched Uxtheme.dll from softpedia. I like this Multipatcher, worked for me! Try this of that doesn't workout.
    I've always used "msstyles" rather than third party apps for customising Windows XP, these are the same format as the standard XP themes - you just need to patch a dll file (uxtheme.dll) or Windows won't allow you to install third party msstyles.

    Google "patch uxtheme.dll" if you are interested, it's fairly straight forward. I personally use a Milk theme mod called Cream ( however a google search like this ( should give you something a bit more Tiger like.

    Hey thanks for the suggestions. This works great. I got a couple that I like, but I haven't seem the cream one that you mentioned the link doesn't work.

    Here's a good FAQ if others want to do this.

    Here's a couple of good sites for the visual styles.
    Goto Browse::customization::skins::themes::windows utilities::visual styles::sections::msstyles
  4. Get Flurry Screensaver for windows.
  5. After you have started using msstyle themes, shift the taskbar on top of the screen and let RocketDock be at bottom.
  6. Get OSX themes for Yahoo messenger, Trillian, whichever you use.
  7. Add Widgets. Widgets are desktop toys to entertain and to inform. Think of them like things you'd put on a real desk: a picture frame, a newspaper to a dancing hula girl! But they're on your PC desktop, not your real desk. You'll get it once you see it. They could be a fun addition to your boring computer. Download free widgets from the Yahoo Widgets page.
  8. Get Safari for Windows Just Get the new Safari 3 Beta, for Windows here, or get Firefox here. You can skin Firefox to look like Safari. I am using Firefox 3 with OSX skin.
  9. Change your wallpaper to look like Mac OS X Tiger: here. Or you can get a high resolution wallpaper here which won't make your computer mimic a mac desktop but will add a sense of style and a unique touch.
  10. Install your Expose from With this program (screen shot shows the 'Windows Vista Flip' move) you can set your Windows to spread out at the stroke of a key! A free download! You can even have Ubuntu style cube!
  11. Keep tweaking and playing. Try customizing all of the applications you downloaded. Whatever suits you!

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At June 24, 2008 at 7:28 PM , Anonymous Surya Kiran said...

Hey nice read,
I too did the same, but im too tired of mods, os guess what!
I installed OSX on my PC. after all apple has started using intel chips.

At March 21, 2009 at 11:11 PM , Anonymous Justin said...

Just one question, how'd you get the flurry screensaver to work smoothly?
I'm using Intel 82852/82855 gm/gme graphics with 64mb.


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