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Monday, July 14, 2008

Zero Cost SEO!

How to do SEO for free?

  • Use Google WebMaster tools.
  • Make sure you explore all features of webmaster tools.
  • Put some nice content.
  • Use Google Analytics / FEEDJIT and see what content brings you greater traffic.
  • Write/Research more on that topic.
  • Result => improved quality & exclusivity of your content.
  • So, the older contents too get indexed with more preference.
Buzz for free ?
  • join communities that relate to topics you write about
  • find some problems that users have
  • answer it in your web page, and offer links to solution
  • leave signature links and comment on websites of common cause
And so I land up as topper of the keywords "Tetris LCD"!
Have a look -
click to enlarge!

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