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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trying out Ubuntu 8.10 - the Intrepid Ibex

:-) That't not OS X, that my Ubuntu. Just installed as a tryout, Oops! it's not detecting my nVidia graphics card. Everything else os working fine but what without graphics :(, as usual I started digging google for answers, and suddenly after 2 minutes, a pleasant notice comes - "New Hardware drivers available". And I am left with nothing much to do, all is taken care by the OS itself, another reboot and here you go 1280x800 at its best. And I haven't gone back to windows since last 10 hrs. You thought installing linux apps was tough... you thought going through ./configure , make , make install routine was too complicate ? Were you ever disappointed to see dependency warnings when you tried to install a new media player or something cool like Compiz Fusion? Then you're welcome back if you have lost all the hopes on linux. For, you haven't a taste of the Synaptic Package manager!

And now, thanks to the huge repository, you don't even have to google for any software that comes for ubuntu, just type its name, if its in the repository, ubuntu will teach you how to install it! If you're not done with that, get hold of Ultimatix and get everything done at click of the mouse. I knew ubuntu didnt have full GCC installed, gcc worked but g++ didn't, and guess what all I was told to do is "sudo apt-get install g++" and ...done! Clean n clear installation with all the dependency issues etc out of my view! Checkout for great looks... have fun with metacity themes. Don't forget to add Compiz - Fusion for amazing effects ;)
This OS is damn sexy, gives sense of infinite freedom and truly inspires creativity!



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