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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Multi-tasking is an Illusion

Something really nice happened to came up on 37signals' Signal vs Noise today. Matches what I'm going through. Even my last post was something so near to my way of thinking about self-education. My comments -
I'm not sure about work environment, I hope there will be a manager dividing the task and giving me a portion of it.
As a student, yeah I am going through something like this, trying to manage multiple things and finally crashing down. What I've done is to cut short on tasks, postponed a lot of them and just doing one at a time, by doing one at a time, I mean not even to think about other ones. Simple thinking about "oh my got I got 6 jobs to do" really takes away all my energy and enthusiasm.
I agree to Greg - multitasking is an illusion. While I'm already multitasking with education and side projects, I yet feel its tough to multi-task :P

I guess I would have this at my workplace one day -

way back last summer I have been in same bullshit



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