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Monday, March 09, 2009

Identification Simplified - An Introduction to Biometrics

Every semester in ASE, Bangalore, we end up creating something nice out of the gigantic mountain of information called the internet. That's not all, we do some real ground work too, as in the 3rd semesters English project where we explored the Mobile Retail Market through interviews and surveys.
This semester the task was much more fun filled and little more related to technology :). We had a larger, diverse group (me, soundar, kittika, bawa, doll, sastry n srikanth) to work with. A mess of time to manage, a jungle of information to organize and little cheap competition to beat off!
It was "Fun" as I would like to remember it. Cracking jokes and discussing friends episodes (psst! I don't watch friends) was all that we did. Little did we realize that, we came up with a nice introduction to Biometrics.
So here it is... addition of another Biometrics presentation to the internet (mountain of information), with a quantum of awesomeness.

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At March 12, 2009 at 5:30 PM , Anonymous ontarioemperor said...

Excellent introduction to biometrics. Obviously you can delve a lot deeper into the various topics (Daubert challenges, the recent U.S. National Academy of Sciences report), and you can include other biometrics (vein), but this presentation is an excellent introduction to the topic. Very readable. Obviously the group wasn't watching "Friends" ALL the time... :)

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