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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

IE7 : Confusing UI when effects are gone

Well what wrong did I do if I disabled all the awesomeness of Aero and Themes in Windows Vista. Thats what I get to see in Tools>>InternetOptions>>[Delete] dialog of IE7. Isn't that a perfect example of a confusing UI. Now when most of the people, when done with 'Delete Browsing History', would be clicking the [OK] button in the [OK][Cancel][Apply] Group below. The efforts would end in a useless beep as the [OK] belongs to the dialog below it.
The 'Delete Browsing History' dialog is so uniform that most of us would be getting confused over this. And the [Delete all...][Close] group of buttons highlighted above adjust souniformly with the UI that people won't even pay attention to the [Close] button there unless you're used to clicking [X] unlike me.



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