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Friday, April 24, 2009

Quality and Urgency

I have a few words to say -
Like I said, Quality and Urgency don't go hand in hand, and like MK Gandhi said, do your work on your own...
Yes, that's true! No matter how stupid I feel right now by sending very important documents by cheap courier service, I feel there's a big lesson in it for everyone -
Dude, you want to get some work done by me, for you ?? Better be specific about whether you want to get it done soon or you want me to take time and do it properly. For one can't do both at same time (for others)...
Yes, I can blame the college for that pretty well, for they don't understand that they should leave you some time of your own. So that you can assist your family when you wish to. So that you can spend some time in making yourself more diverse, maybe enjoy a nice book or maybe something else. But they don't want you to do that, for they think 6 subjects + 2 labs under the umbrella of CS is great. In that lot of 6, 2 subjects are mostly irrelevant Nanotech (its full of notes we need to cram) and Digital Signal Processing (yes computer grads from my college have to know everything). And hey, I'm talking about third year. Its very annoying to see that other 4 subjects are too 70% theory sans any fun of extending our imagination over them. It's just impossible to think out of the box in such a fscked up set-up. Doing something creative is again a pain for they suck up most of the time you have and suck harder by regular tests and assignments.
OMG yeah, we're paying them to screw around with 4 years of our youth.
Why doesn't the world listen to Sir Ken Robinson ?? Are we just supposed to watch his video in tiny little tubes of the world and post a tweet or few about it and sleep? Or just clap and cheer as if it was some stand-up comedy show ? Or just make a pessimistic comment that industrialisation has screwed up all of us and taken away our freedom? Well, maybe the problem isn't with industrialisation (you don't wanna go to caveman-age right?) but the problem is of the desire to possess and own relatively more of the resources we have. Money is a way to do that. And, we've been doing this since long time.
Think about this - "What are people really busy with?", and you would see this - nothing but slavery of money, making the most of what we have, available to, a few people in the world! Is this what everyone wished to do? To get entangled in this exchange system, to exhaust everything as fast as possible, to attach happiness to the amount of power and resources we have... to create poverty, inequality and injustice by not sharing!
Anyway, the flower called me up, and we discussed the same as I jotted some stuff here. And, after talking to her, there's hardly anything left to crib/bitch about, for I am at peace :) ... yes all this comes under 'nonsense', if you think I could do more better, you're free to write back.

BTW I was just browsing through some Linux Gazette Archives at college and have fallen with HelpDex by Shane Collinge

Its a 1000 times better than Calvin and Hobbes

checkout Archives at Redhat or the ones at sgi for more...



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