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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Backups on Ubuntu

I finally have switched to Ubuntu i386 though my CPU is an amd64. I have reasons to do so, which basically comprise of having a fine wine, being able to install and run maemo sdk without hassles, getting a more responsive firefox and many more. Although this benchmark states the otherwise, I'm okay with the minor performance compromise, which I don't even happen to notice.
Coming to discovery of the day - backups on Ubuntu. Truth - I never created backups, for if I had been doing so, your kids would've had some amazing QuickBasic source codes to learn from :(. I don't even remember how many such things I've lost just because I didn't do a backup or put them over internet. From today I wish to do so on my external harddisk. Here are my options -
I'm using Back in Time, am pretty pleased with its simplicity. If you're looking for a tool to sync directories, try out YADSync by the same author/s.
Wow, just found MyPaint today, it seems like a free alternative to ArtRage (which is a paid software) on windows. Gonna be fun being able to use crayons digitally :)
Now look at this, how impressive and realistic the stroke looks (i did not draw this) -

Turned off syntaxhighlighter on my blog. Using a custom style for pre tag. Saves some loading time and keeps your browser at peace :)

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