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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

App Engine... Is it enough?

I wonder if the bandwidth limits on App Engine are actually enough! While this blog, my lunarpages shared hosting, byethost's free hosting easily survive sudden surge in traffic due to their high bandwidth limits, Web2Hunter on App Engine on other hand, almost reached incoming bandwidth quota yesterday after many visits from HN post -

and today's scene -
Today is supposed to be a normal traffic for Web2Hunter, still it has eaten up 65% of incoming bandwidth. I wonder where did it all go, of if urllib2 inside an App Engine app is a very costly decision given they don't allow sockets.
Besides another point to note is that when we had done a simulated DDoS over a free byethost account, it drained 3 Gb of bandwidth in a day, but yet the service kept continuing without any issues. That seriously makes you wonder which one is better - a free php+mysql+no-ads or AppEngine+rapidly-sucked-bandwidth. I still have to investigate the bandwidth issue by writing another app, which doesn't actually make many requests in background using urllib2/httplib. Presence of these two libraries makes an app a little different from usual db+interface+logic apps. Lets see...

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