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Friday, September 04, 2009


Got two papers tomorrow, and even the LUG meet, but somehow I don't feel like starting at all unless the last hour arrives, it's always been like this with me! Someday this habit would end, and maybe I would do something more than time pass.
As of now I need to wonder a little over what Visual C++ 6, yeah the old one is doing under HCI in my 3rd year syllabus, and why my teacher is so keen on putting the structure of WNDCLASS as a question, why to do something which is obsolete, and why even commit it to memory! And what good does is hold in memorizing 10 10 constants each which some company decided to use in their API, shouldn't education be a little more universal? and not a double-faced bitch as I see it. And why are people related to technological education sleeping while it happens to be a dynamic field which changes every second.
When the world is moving towards making things easier for us to do in lesser steps, these ghosts of the past are hell bent on teaching exorcism of medival ages which are hard to do and hold no significance at all.
What kind of education is this? or is it just that someone who has no will to adapt to the change is pulling off teaching what she learnt in her 20s. Academia at such times looks like home of loosers!

  • Hmm, memorizing Nano notes turned out to be tougher than reading a few pages of the old Charles Petzold book
  • VC++ was not that tough to push into the brain, the push-discomfort is inversely proportional to relevance of stuff being pushed in.

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