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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Broke my chair :(

I've been gaining a lot of weight these days, and what happened just 10 minutes ago is the real proof of that - I broke my sweet chair.

I purchased it some 6 months back for Rs. 3500 from this good looking shop, the name of which I can't remember. Exit Forum mall from KFC side and head right, you'll find it on right side of the road. It had some awesome chairs for affordable range of 3k-5k. This one being most comfortable gave me this 'ab to bas yehi chahiye' feeling.
Its sad! I can't bend it again :( I can't rest on it :( damn! this is the sweetest chair I ever sat on, has been a good friend keeping me away from all sorts of back pains I used to get on 6 year old Rs 1k chair. Things become sweeter when you buy them from your own money.
I need to find the bills, they must be somewhere in haystack of unorganized mess of papers at my house. Or maybe in my desk. The way it has broken shows that the makers did not put enough love, just look at the joint. You will realize that its pretty thin, this was well hidden by plastic covers over the nut-bolt joints.
What to blame at? My added up weight? or the thin joints at crucial points? or watching OpenSolaris install and leaning over chair with en elbow for the progress bar took some 5 minutes to move from 66% to 67% ??
Poor chair!

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