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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Capture the moment

Sometimes you wish to capture sweet random moments forever... like yesterday when I was all tired walking back home. A toddler walking by his mom, lost in his own world as he saw it, shouts aloud "Happy Diwali Everybody!". Shouts to the passers by, the faces unknown. His mom pulls him towards herself, and does shhh!
But whats wrong with that. Or in other words, we hardly have the courage or time to bother about just another random bunch of "everybody" around us. But the kid lost in his world had.

Happy Diwali!
woah! gimp has some funny names for its filters - 'predator' as in predator vision in the movie predator :P

Was looking for India at Night pics on Diwali night. Found this "भारत में दीपावली की रात उपग्रह के नज़ारे"

Happens to be the Musafir's last post from that office.



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