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Saturday, October 17, 2009

On education inflation

Just read a nice account of education inflation Phillip Whisenhunt's blog. My views -
I too have learnt 70% of what I know and love outside college/school. Though school was instrumental in building up interest. Its so hard to find a peer group of matching interests in situation like yours and in mine. Equally or maybe more horrible than yours. India is not any different, 90% come to get job, 9% who do well, believe in degrees, like yesterday my friend was suggesting me - "After 4 years our degrees wont have any value.", I say wtf, the values are in the work, in the man, or in some crappy pieces of paper. And the rest 1% are tough to find :/

A few thoughts comes to my mind -
Inflation is something that eats away values from ideas.

The decisions on education that Indian parents take are mostly crowdsourced ones.



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