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Friday, October 23, 2009

Upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 BETA

After a long series of fails I finally upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 beta. Poor connection, power cuts to be blamed for the failure. Haven't restored all my backup though, will wait for 6 days more to get the real deal.
I like the new theme, coffee colored mod of Human, matching the tastes of a geek. This snap of Karmic Koala Alpha 2 seems sweet. I'm writing this after 4 hours of using it, in which I spent 2 hrs watching a movie. Turns out that the movie has 7.7/10 rating average over 76k+ votes. Not bad!
So as for the two hours I've spent with Karmic Koala, I have a few not so great observations.

  • Launch time of gnome-terminal has observably reduced in my perception. But Tomboy took a lot of time to start.

  • Firefox 3.5.3 that came along has improved a lot.
  • The Notifications are coming a little lower than expected, they should be a little more closer to mother panels. Someone else too had same issues. Btw I notice that notifications just don't fade out, they fade and blur at same time!

  • Notification icons have been made simpler. Icons have got an overall polish, looks better.

  • I installed NVIDIA proprietary drivers and enabled compiz as usual, nautilus changed colors, while other apps get rendered according to the theme, the desktop icons and nautilus switched to basic theme.

  • The Help Center turned out to be pretty slow, switching pages shows 'Loading...' for quite observable amount of time.

  • Coming to Ubuntu Software Center, fine job with auto-loading snapshots. We could perhaps have some ratings too along the list of packages

  • But this was a setback, scrolling through a list of packages in Ubuntu Software Center is a pain, the scrollbar doesn't scroll smoothly. Okay, I don't mean it should move up and down smoooothly, but hey! should we have lags in small things like scrollbars!

  • Fedora 11 was right, I do have bad sectors on my hard disk. The same is reported by Karmic. :( poor hdd

  • Hmm I must test what I wrote and worked on GNOME 2.26. GTweetBar failed as an applet, where as when I ran it in window mode, it worked without any complains or dependency issues. I still have to look into what went wrong. Gnome 2.28 is recognising the twitter icon I had put along GTweetBar, the older gnome needed a fixed size icon to be put by the developer.

But that's a very very narrow minded way too look at any distro. Well does it matter much to me, I don't think so, for the next best thing I'm gonna do now is to bring fvwm2 and kiss bye bye to gnome vs kde state of mind a goodbye again :)
Tomorrow I might attend Opensolaris in-depth Session being organised by ilug-b, bangpypers, bosug, ... Pradhap Devarajan, Sriram Narayanan and Moinak Ghosh. It would be interesting to learn more about OpenSolaris. It's still alien to me. My last BeleniX tryout remained confined to 4-5 bootups of a VM. Everytime I attend these talks I feel there is much more to Linux than the desktop aspect of it, which I am not aware of (the actual power).

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At October 24, 2009 at 7:40 AM , Blogger Sindhu said...

It's out of beta, RC came out just today/yesterday I think might wanna run dist upgrade again, Yeah the notify-osd issue has been hated with all hate here:

now they moved to a lil above the screen but still not the old place!

At October 24, 2009 at 10:55 AM , Blogger Manish said...

OpenSolaris session by ilug-b or BangPypers?

I checked my inbox, Sriram Narayan has sent a mail to BangPypers for the session.

At October 24, 2009 at 11:09 AM , Blogger IdeaMonk said...

@Manish woops... I recheck, the discussion started on BangPypers I suppose, the last confirmation mail about 3pm I received was
Hey the same post has been made on many mailing lists, even linuxchix, etc

I should expect a mix of pythonistas, linux geeks as well as opensolaris ones :)

@Sindhu I headed to Ubuntu wiki from the bug page --
It seems to be a feature! but I would like to have all notifications at one and only one definite and easily locatable place -- top right corner :)

I'm downgraded to notify-osd_0.9.19 ( for the time being.

/me waits for 29th Oct


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