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Thursday, July 15, 2010

अपने घर के चोर

You find it to be a sorry ass pussy system 
that fails to respond to situations in time,
you read up, watch stuff and blame on them for "not doing anything",
but hardly would it strike to your conditioned imagination
that they might just be so pre-occupied in doing something else
that you could have never imagined.

And yet you passive cunt, you take it all for granted
and sleep for the next day to come by,
expecting everything to be normal.

Who knows for everything,
that you quoted the system to be pussy about,
over your cup of tea and a morning newspaper,
there were these "अपने घर के चोर",
thiefs, filling their pockets.

On a side note,
Now that things have become so well connected,
the systems are so well informed, fed by numerous channels,
and fingers just like the ones that typed out this piece of brainf*ck,
clicking out zillions of preferences,
we're not far from the point when
it would be possible to crunch these into
a whole new understanding, meaning, life.

Just that in this spiderweb,
analyzing nodes, reaching from one to another,
predicting their minds and way of thinking has become easier.



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