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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

aws, sidework, etc

Just tried out AWS over a client's account, quite impressive at the ease of launching and terminating EC2 instances. Unhappy to see a Debian based AMI image under quick starts. Cloud billing always scares me :D all for its X factor on usage monitoring, besides who knows who could just plunder your instances with bogus requests, ready to take the risk? (even providers could!)

Good to see EBS volumes, the next thing to try would be RDS, we've to decide over a MySQL instance on EC2 VS Amazon RDS + EC2. Besides the compatibility of RDS + Django. HN has something for me.

Pretty happy to work for my current client, all because I could sense great deal of transparency, openness and honesty in our 3 hr meeting, and quite a comfortable one compared to a previous few where others failed to conceal. Time to brush up some django :)

Another interesting thing was to see SAP in action. MAWN! I generally dislike these heavy enterprise apps, slow, huge, and ugly. Its a mix of closeness and legacy they thrive on.


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