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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I believe, to an extent of obviousness that fun experiments and commercial value might not always go together, at least in the same time frame or one is confused about the purpose behind such efforts. For in the long run the former does add to the profit margins, but in quite an invisible way.

Like thunder from the clouds, the bolts jump onto paths undecided, branching into thinner ends, but at last one manages to touch some significant stones, creativity too is one such tremendously energetic set of efforts, of which the one that might click is written in the future, for now one must indulge in the fun.

But anyways, they do have to be clear about what hat do I wear before they offer me one, or else isn't any unclear foo-bar-ish discussion a waste? And that need not be concealed in implications and in vague words of higher order, for the return shall be the same. Some clarity! anyone?


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