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Friday, June 29, 2001

Extreme Velocity

Extreme Velocity is a 2D driving game.
The simulation driving is 2D with a path scrolling down. It has been made in QuickBASIC using Angelo Motella's DirectQB library. You can distribute it to anybody without any modification. You can play this game for time pass and fun. In this game, you have to drive the car through a narrow
passage. You have to drive continuously with maximum speed till the time gets over. You have to be away from the landmines of TNT. The damage of the car should be kept minimum in order to win the game. The damage increases by one when car hits the boundaries of the passage and it increases by two when car hits the landmine. You should avoid wastage of time. After completing the score of 4200 with least damage you will win the game.
The game was created by me when I was in 7th standard.
: Since I created this game when Windows XP/NT products were not popular among home users, the game may not work on few PCs. I works well on some windows 98 PCs only. At least it has worked on my friend's PC!
Size : 830 KB | Created on : 28th June 2001
to download goto old site's projects page.

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