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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Multi-tasking is an Illusion

Something really nice happened to came up on 37signals' Signal vs Noise today. Matches what I'm going through. Even my last post was something so near to my way of thinking about self-education. My comments -
I'm not sure about work environment, I hope there will be a manager dividing the task and giving me a portion of it.
As a student, yeah I am going through something like this, trying to manage multiple things and finally crashing down. What I've done is to cut short on tasks, postponed a lot of them and just doing one at a time, by doing one at a time, I mean not even to think about other ones. Simple thinking about "oh my got I got 6 jobs to do" really takes away all my energy and enthusiasm.
I agree to Greg - multitasking is an illusion. While I'm already multitasking with education and side projects, I yet feel its tough to multi-task :P

I guess I would have this at my workplace one day -

way back last summer I have been in same bullshit


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Highlight a Textbox's content on click - Javascript

Project Snapsta is on hold for a while. Mostly due to my other projects and attempts to improve college life with WordPress. One good thing we did on Snapsta is the auto select on click i.e. when you click a text box, the whole content gets selected, so as to facilitate you in easy copy-paste operations.
Now here's the elegant javascript which helps me do that -

<script language="javascript"><br /> function SelectAll(element)<br /> {<br /> element.focus();<br />;<br /> }<br /></script>

Just put it in your <head> portion or the common js file you include in most of the pages.
Now here comes the ease and beauty, where ever you've gotta put in this functionality, just add an onClick event to the textbox.
Here's how it looks like -

# example 1
<input id="foo" name="beep" value="i get selected :)"
onclick="SelectAll(foo);" type="text">

# example 2 - even better ;) notice 'this'
<textarea onclick="SelectAll(this);">
content to be selected

[ voila, you didn't even need an ID in example 2]
Now isn't that great easy to implement tiny piece of wonder-code :P

Try it -

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Curtain - Helen Spalding

9 months ago, I was looking for this desperately... a poem which grabbed some attention in our school days. I guess it was Naheed ma'am who took it for us. And I can't stop admiring the amount of energy she put into teaching good great English to our class. Well, that extends to all the English teachers I've been taught by. Sincere, Dynamic, Innovative, Liberal, Confident .... the list goes one. That's the list of words that comes to my mind as I recall them.
Anyways, back to 9 months ago... I was looking for it... to quench the uneasiness of life. Wished if I could got through it once more, just for that day, and help myself a little bit (I know it sounds crazy... but sh*t happens in life...).
Today, I just happened to find it. Looked for "Laced finders loosen" once again on google. Nope, that didn't work... Landed to a cbse, functional english sample paper that helped me refine the search into "Incredulously the laced fingers" and thanks to Spandan Pandya's blog, here it is -

Incredulously the laced fingers loosen,
Slowly sensation by sensation, from their warm interchange,
And stiffen like frosted flowers in the November garden.

Already division piles emphasis like bullets;
Already the one dark air is separate and strange.


There is no touch now. The wave has broken
That for a moment charged the desolate sea.
There is a word or two left to be spoken
--yet who would hear it? When so swiftly distance
Out measures time, engulfs identity?

Already like the dreamer startled from sleep
And the vivid image lost even in the waking,
There is no taste now for the shrunken sense to keep,
And these, the dreamer’s eyes, are not alive to weep,
And this, the clinic heart, the dreamer’s is not breaking.

Is it so easy then? Goodbye no more then this
Quiet disaster? And is there a cause for sorrow
That in this small white murder of one kiss
Are born two ghosts, two Hamlets, two soliloquies
Two worlds apart, tomorrow?
-by Helen Spalding

Back then, we wondered, how disastrous 'this quiet disaster' would be. We wondered whether it would be two ghosts, or two hamlets born... would they ever meet again. I wonder no longer :) for life has shown me it isn't a disaster after all. Though, ghosts and Hamlets never came up, but two soliloquies were surely born. Both became FREE, the only problem is that the blogger realized this after 9 months. The other soliloquy hardly comes to his mind nowadays. What comes up in mind is - "Thank you! for setting me free, back to my original, purposeful self". With your help I could've never gone out of those days of impractical daydreams and ignorance. What I learnt from you is that we're individuals first, other things aren't as important as the self. Thanks !

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