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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer 2010 #1

So this is 16th already. Today, being a Sunday - we still had some college classes to attend, namely the placement classes. Glad that I bunked and got proxy in majority of them. I mean seriously, it sucks to have your college delay you from your planned schedule.

So this is the action plan for today -
  1. Setup local repositories, branches for gsoc on launchpad and a latest copy of web2py.
  2. Go through the all mails you missed out during exams.
  3. Do something with web2py quickly to go through everything it offers (maybe port bugbase to web2py)
  4. Make notes on my understandings, raise doubts, go though UI testing chapters sent by Michael.
I will end it there to KISS as the evening might be a little pre-occupied with a friend coming over.

This leaves me with a week before community bonding ends, to finish off with getting as familiar as possible.

Keeping myself on the right track would be the job of Korganizer and RTM.

I had been using KDE's RTM plasmoid to keep track of things till April end when I got my netbook.

On gnome I'm sticking with GTG (Getting things Gnome) but nothing beats a todo reminder like RTM plasmoid on KDE which omnipresently reminds you of what needs to be done.

RTM plasmoid - adding another step to KDE's social desktop

GTG - syncs and sits in try making you lazier

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