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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Going to ICPC finally

Went to ACM - ICPC 2007 Asia Region, Amritapuri this time. Amazing experience, and really tough problems for my level at this time! Still my team clean_sweep managed to rank 32nd in all 60+ competitors. Had pretty bad experience with mooshack. They should implement something like I don't find those presentation problems in spoj!

team.each {|name| print name+","}
Bhuvanesh, Rijesh, Shaabi, Navdeep, Me!

at ICPC for each problem you solve... you get a baloon.. wonderful to see

after coming back I started on CodeFire with Shaabi, a programming contest platform for my own college. So, after struggling in the labs we finally had {PHP + MySQL + VB + DevCPP} => CodeFire!

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