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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Write-ups for CodeFire

What's CodeFire?
CodeFire is an online programming contest platform which supports C/C++. Its main objective is to create competition among programmers at Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore. It is open to everyone to participate and it is running all time on the intranet.

How it works?
CodeFire basically utilises power of PHP & MySQL over WAMP server employing DevCPP compiler and i/o redirection routines written in C with a little bit of VisualBasic.
Basically the presentation of CodeFire which you get at http://ieee:81/codefire is written in HTML & PHP. This interface lets you register, browse questions, upload/write solutions, edit solutions, change password, see other's profiles, etc. At the other side as you interact with CodeFire in your browser, the MySQL database stores all your details and statistics. Whenever you submit a solution, the judges get to see all your submissions and at one click your program is compiled, and outputs compared for correctness. If you get correct outputs at first try, you are eligible for total score, otherwise your score reduces as your trials increase. The compiler used is DevCPP (you can download it here). The stdin and stdout is redirected to files, for checking, so its best to use only standard C/C++ i/o functions.

Who made it ?
CodeFire has been developed by Abhishek Mishra (BG107CS004) and Mohammad Shaabi Amir (BG107CS***) from ASE, Bangalore. Abhishek has basically done major work with website's interface and auto-compilation, Shaabi has worked with the core functioning of the site, ie. developing the whole framework in PHP & MySQL. We welcome more suggestions and ideas to make CodeFire better for everyone.

to be shown on about page of CodeFire.

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