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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Inspiration and the inspired

Dad just brought over this clipping from way back in 2001 to me today. OMAN this is so cool, they covered our GW-BASIC programs in news paper :)

I had written a wheel of fortune program with colors, wheel animation (the wheel never rotated, the colors did), funny sounds from the PC speakers, all in 320x200 screen 13 :). I remember Mohit's brother fortunately did win the complete game.

While my brother @ixpu , who is more into chasing electrons and writes more C# these days, had made a clone of Kaun Banega Crorepati, again in GW BASIC, I guess he was using screen 12 (640x400 I guess)

The only difference between today and those days - it was hell lot more exciting back then with all the time to create things like these.
While today it happens to be a mixture of passion and time-management between pointless acads and programming.

I wish I could see some of the source codes from those days, which eventually got destroyed in format wars between us.

Wooh 9 years, well that was the un-procedural language with line numbers and many GOTOs here and there.

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