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Friday, June 20, 2008

GTA IV or some 3d Artist's work

Nopes! don't mistake it for GTA IV, its an "The Streets of memories" by Marek Denko overlayed with HUD of the game. some more -

Last one - After many unsuccessful tries to quit smoking it looks like this time it will be successfully done. I’m really curious what will I find as a alternative. As far as I know myself I think it will be kind of coke or liquirizia roots. I didn’t like the ash part of my render so I cutted it away. If you are still interested to see it then check my demoreel with camera projected picture of real ash. That one is much better. This piece took me about 2 hours of work. Rendered in Final render stage-1.
Crowd 8 - It was a boring night and I didn’t know what to do so I typed the word “inspiration” into Google and I found this page: I immediately fell in love with the work of photographer Misha Gordin. I used one of the impressive photographs and I made a re-make it in 3D. Hope you like it. Original photograph by Misha Gordin. Thank you! Done in 3dsmax with Final render.
Blood series - It all started when I cut my finger by accident. I started to bleed on the paper and notes from university. I started to play with blood trying to create some nice textures. Crazy i know. And blood series were born - then it was just a quick modeling of clothes based on real references and quick light setup. Rendered in Final render stage-1. Overpainted with my blood and lot of dirt textures in Photoshop.
Waiting for spring - It took me one week of work. I tried to achieve photorealistic look. I downloaded blueprints from . I took many pictures of real Fiat500L to have best references as possible. Snow beneath the car is modeled and after displaced with semi-procedural displacement map. There is all 3d except the houses in background. Rendered in Final render.
Behind the portrait of Dorian Grey - I tried to achieve a good portrait look with deep feeling. It should be the dark side of Dorian Grey. Rendered in Final r

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