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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Web2Hunter - grab those domains before they vanish

Last weekend I was trying to make a more useful app over Google App Engine... at least better than the first one. So here's what I got for you - Web2Hunter, yet another one that brings up some randomized yet organized information to you, thanks to urllib2 and Python in the back. Here is the intro article I wrote for it -

How many times you have been stuck for hours thinking of that new name for your startup? How many times have you come up with that awesome name and you found out that all your imagination was on sale by a domain squatter? Don't worry, for Web2Hunter is here for rescue. It not only saves you from spending extra hours over thinking a new name, but also from the dismay of not finding a domain for the name you liked.

Simply put, Web2Hunter shows you a list of random trendy names which are actually available for purchase. It's about assisting your creativity. It throws up randomness, strange names of any kind. It's fun to watch because it opens your mind to new possibilities when trying to name your service, or even have new ideas.

Let Web2Hunter hunt down some cool names for you before you spend your precious time over a new name. Web2Hunter runs over Google App Engine and tried to be minimalistic. Do you have any suggestions to improve Web2Hunter ?

The original article can be found on The Indian Startup - Tools blog.

Feel free to fork Web2Hunter's source code on github. I also happened to give a short talk on it at PyCon India 2009, which was very impromptu and organized, for all I had to show was code, no slides. Have a look (youtube).

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